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Medically Challenged (M.C.)

2009-11-15 19:24:05 by Frodilocks

by PropMedic@deviantart

An idea I had about a young medical intern ready to take on the medical world, only to find its harsh and relentless reality. Relatively a reflection of the medical system and somewhat about the workspace.Also goes in and out of free verse
11/5/15 22:12 PM PDT,The Intern

As the smoke rises from the copy machines of corrupted cubicles
As the clicking of a suitcase clatters as its combination is broken and its contents are revealed
The syringe of reality injecting lies injecting the caked contents of anxiety and depression
Women plaster their faces with plastic, self appreciation ,desperation, Coperations-
Collectively investing in me and my needs
Whats that you cant breath? Well take a gander at these,only $343 dollars-
My screeching voice hollers , Breathing hard like 'Luke I am your Father' ,
Men with ties , Their mouth wide with lies
But there's no need to be surprised suited men will steal your money like Bonnie and Clyde

The bandaged bodies of old men once soldiers
The tattered remains of a young man shot on the street his body at his mothers feet
Hospitals hostile, Its cheaper to die , Faces dry , Mouths tied , while spoiled doctors get high
An M.D.'s heart is empty,All he'll diagnose is his budget for a Bentley , The pine green nature of paper over flows his human nature.

Medically Challenged (M.C.)